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🌘 Introducing automatic dark mode for your blog

September 28th, 2021
I keep all things lean and minimal with Blogline and the blog theme is no exception. Consequently there’s a lot of white. Oceans of it. White is perfect in the daytime for removing distractions so you can focus on reading like you would with a book. At night however, the white itself becomes a distraction. Reading a Blogline blog can be an eye-dazzling experience in the late evening hours.

Modern devices come with a “dark mode” setting that inverts the contrast of colours in the user interface. The intention is for apps to reduce the strain they put on your eyes and it’s really effective. Some people like this mode on all the time but many people, myself included, prefer it to be automatically changed so the interface darkens as the sun goes down.

In our latest update, all Blogline blogs now automatically support dark mode. No configuration required. If the device you’re reading on has activated dark mode, the blog will look deliciously dark. And if you’re still reading as the sun comes up, the dark blog magically turns to light.

🗞 An improved experience for email subscribers. Newsletters ahoy!

February 23rd, 2021
Originally, the email subscription feature of Blogline delivered a very basic email containing a link back to published blog posts. If two or more blog posts were published in a single day, the email would contain multiple links. This was reasonable for a first attempt, but by subscribing to your blog by email, your followers would probably expect to be able to read the blog posts by email as well.

From today, people who subscribe to a blog will receive an email for every new published post, and that email will contain the full content of the post.

This change gives people the option of using their blog as a newsletter, which is increasingly popular these days. And unlike other blogging or newsletter apps, Blogline emails contain no spy pixels, no tracking of any kind, and subscribers can unsubscribe in a single click.

📮Happy emailing!

🚀 Social Links update!

February 10th, 2021
The beta release of Blogline allowed you to add social links to your blog, but they were restricted to only Twitter, Instagram and Spotify. A bit random, but it was still a proof of concept.

The Social Links feature has now been overhauled and a large selection of popular sites are now available for you to add to your blog.

The complete list of options available from today are: Buy Me A Coffee, Flickr, Facebook, GitHub, GoodReads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mixcloud, Pinboard, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, Slideshare, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Speaker Deck, Spotify, Stack Overflow, Strava, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, WeChat and YouTube.

Here's what they look like in their full glory:

If you want to add any of these new social links to your blog, head on over to the Blog Settings area. If there's a link you'd like to add that's not on the list, drop us a line and we'll consider adding it in.

🎙 Is this thing on? Introducing Blogline – a personal writing app with privacy in mind

February 5th, 2021

2020 was a year like no other in our lifetimes. As of the time of writing we're on day 391.

During the first lockdown, many people – those who were fortunate enough to be able to carry on (kind of) with things in some sort of quasi-normal – managed to entertain themselves with TikTok, sourdough-rearing and Zoom-quizzing. I was one of the fortunate ones, but I don't have TikTok so I decided to start writing some code to scratch an itch that comes back when I've not been hacking for a while.

That code resulted in this app, Blogline. What was a semi-disposable bit of fun to power my own blog and explore some new tech turned into something that I felt other might like to use. Even though a blogging app is something of a developer cliché (its commonly the web framework 'how to' demo), I think that when it's done right, it's a wonderful thing! There are people across the globe who want to write and publish their thoughts, and these words can, in their own small way, change the world. There should be no barrier to publishing, and that's what Blogline sets out to solve.

But why would anyone want a blog in 2021 when you've got Twitter, or Instagram, or Facebook? We live in an age dominated by big tech, VCs and, tragically, data intrusion. Social media apps are free and easy to use (addictively so), but behind the facade social media companies and some big tech own your data. You are the product, and these companies are tracking your every move so they can target you with pinpoint accuracy on behalf of stores, advertisers and political parties. I'm not hamming this up for dramatic effect, it's happening.

I fully understand that most people are not that interested. On balance, they're fine with big tech and sharing thoughts and photos via social networks. Even so, I believe that those of us who do want a home for their writing on the internet should have options that respect privacy, that have only good intentions not hidden agendas, and keep things simple. People should be able to own their own domain and simply, in minutes, point it to a personal site that is their home on the internet, for as long as they want it there.

That's why Blogline exists: to be a safe, private home on the internet for everyone who wants to publish their writing, with a delightful, distraction-free writing experience.

I'm excited to announce that Blogline is now fully open and accepting signups 🎉  Please sign for a 14-day fully-featured free trial and let me know what you think!

-- Olly